"Daniela helped us design a functional office and an amazing kid’s room in the same room applying all her talent on the way to separate the spaces. I’m glad that she was able to capture the essence of our family and propose a fantastic solution. I’m happy to recommend her work."


"We reached out to Daniela as we were keen on a new look for our living and dining space. I was feeling quite confused and a bit lost on how to start, the need of matching things like colors and also fit my old furniture was driving me crazy. Daniela jumped in bringing some light and surprisingly keeping everything within the budget. As we live in a rental place we decided to keep a tight budget for it. We are in love with the results even though it’s still a work in progress.

Thank you Dani for all of your dedication and also for helping us to feel cozy and belonging in our own place."


"As I had just moved to a new city, with a new routine, I relied on Daniela's work to make my new home cozier.  I was very satisfied with the decoration project she did for my living room and dining room. Daniela managed to connect my idea with the real needs and we managed to do everything within the planned budget." 


"We decided to start homeschooling with my daughter and needed a clean and playful space. Dani captured exactly what we needed with unparalleled good taste. The girls simply loved and even before it was finished, it was already much more functional. I recommend it 1000 times. Top professional"



"Daniela was so patient and helped us during the whole time, she also styled the shelves and the sideboard with me on a virtual meeting- she is THE BEST! I'm beyond happy with the result. Not to mention that my grandma's rolling pin has now a special place. Daniela added all we needed to have a beautiful, cozy, and functional space. I loved how shiplap added depth and texture to the space. I'm obsessed with the wooden details mixed with white and blue." 



"I hired Dani because of her work ethic, her commitment to respecting our style - I didn't want to have a picture-perfect, magazine-style house, that was nothing like me, you know?! If it weren't for her, we would never have such a beautiful, harmonious house! I learned SO MUCH from her about home decor and also about respecting our lifestyle in this process" 


"We moved to a bigger place and were lost on how to match the furniture to our style. Daniela captured our needs and transformed into an amazing project within our budget. We're very happy and recommend her work."